Expertise in Innovative, Practical Low Cost Waste Treatment

Who is ecojuglans?

  1. ecojuglans innovative waste treatment expertise is proven in technologies such as biological drying, composting and bio stabilisation
  2. our management has more than 20 years’ experience in highly efficient cleantech solutions
  3. our reference cases cover biodegradable wastes like: municipal wastes, residual waste, brown bin waste, sewage sludge, C&I waste, green waste, and biosolids/sewage sludges
  4. we have experience across advanced and developing waste management markets
  5. we are flexible from early concept phases through to long term operations and site optimisation projects
  6. our projects range from temporary small scale (30 t/d) to permanent large scale (1,500 t/d) plants

What does ecujuglans?

  1. we design, supply, install and commission highly efficient waste treatment solutions
  2. we conduct professional on-site waste characterisations using our mobile lab container "Wanalyzer"
  3. we run on-site trials using our containerised mobile plant (see download)
  4. we offer worldwide, modern waste management consultancy services
  5. we develop innovative projects mainly in emerging and developing markets 

What's unique/special about ecojuglans?

  1. more than 20 years practical experience in numerous waste processing applications
  2. maximum cost-efficiency and ultra-flexible approach
  3. top quality, innovative and client focused approaches achieving cost-minimisation
  4. direct access to best-in-class membrane covered technology backed up by unrivalled R&D and operational support

Team members

Markus Binding

Dr. Markus Binding graduated as Master of Arts in political sciences at Munich University and was promoted Ph.D. in economics at St. Gallen University, Switzerland. From 1995 till 2002 he led the unit “solid waste treatment” in W.L. GORE & Associates GmbH, Germany. In 2002 he founded COMP-ANY GmbH, Germany and in 2010 CONVAERO GmbH, Germany. As managing director of COMP-ANY GmbH and CONVAERO GmbH he was responsible for strategy and finance as well as for legal/contractual affairs and investor relations. In December 2017 he was appointed as Managing Director of VEOLIA Umweltservice Region West in Germany.

Johanna Stülpner

Johanna Stülpner graduated as clerical assistant and as human resource management specialist at IHK Munich, Germany. She then worked in the banking sector in Germany, the tourism industry in Greece and the real estate / property development industry in Munich, Germany. In 2003 she joined COMP-ANY and later in 2010 she became part of CONVAERO. In both companies she organised both the foundation and growth of all organisational/office matters of both companies. In ECOJUGLANS she acts as first point of contact for all matters.

Declan Mee

Declan Mee obtained a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University, Belfast in 1982. Over the next 2 decades, he obtained 5 engineering charterships arising from planning, design and management roles across numerous large and small scale construction and cleantech projects (including water supply, contaminated land remediation, and waste water treatment). Since 2005, his consultancy work has concentrated on the waste and resource management industry specializing in planning, design and operational aspects of biological treatment technologies such as composting, biological drying, biomass and anerobic digestion.

ecojuglans supplies

Wanalyzer Unit

Containerised, modern laboratory fully equipped for professional waste sampling and analytics campaigns to allow accurate future plant design.


Mobile Unit

Two mobile heaps each of 600 m³ treatment capacity ready to demonstrate all you need to know about your waste, potential waste-derived products or to provide permitting authority requested data.


Treatment Systems

From initial concept to final handover - ecojuglans - your partner for professional plant realisations

in MBT, composting or
MSW stabilisation or 
source segregated wastes (e.g. sewage sludge) or
commercial organic waste.


Consultancy Services

Feasibility studies, financial models or information required for planning or licensing applications - our team of experienced consultants  can assist with any request you may have.

To talk about your future waste needs and plans, please contact us at

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